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Multicriteria Evaluation with RapID Image ANalysis


Automatic extraction of indicators for the immediate assessment of traffic safety at temporary traffic facilities


An indicator based approach for the automated analysis of traffic safety in cycling infrastructure

An immediate measurement of traffic safety and traffic performance to support traffic planners with precise indicators for immediate measures of street layout design

Enable cities and mobility agencies to have simple, timely and inexpensive access to data

The cycling infrastructure is increasingly an essential part of our transport system and road safety in cycling is a major challenge, the quantification of which is still lacking in order to be able to be tackled efficiently

Man on His Bike

© Region Hannover

A collaboration with the Hanover region

10 investigation sites with different cycling traffic conditions shall be selected to install the new analysis technology. The video material is automatically evaluated with massive use of AI

Funding through the mFUND program of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

The MERIDIAN project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the mFUND innovation initiative.

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